How Tall Is A Standard Handicap Toilet That Can Be Used Easily

How Tall Is A Standard Handicap Toilet That Can Be Used Easily

How Tall Is A Standard Handicap Toilet That Can Be Used Easily

A very vital appliance needed in your house is a toilet, and we often think it does not have a lot of options. Nevertheless, in this contemporary world, toilets’ height is gaining a lot more importance than given. And especially for a disabled person, it is necessary to know how tall a handicapped toilet is. Below we have mentioned details that will help you find your ideal choice.

The Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act became law back in 1990 gives admission values for public complexes, and other residential remodels. It makes sure that handicap individuals have equal access to amenities in the home. The ADA standards for toilets control the height and space required in the front and on the sides. Also, they decide the locations of grab bars and toilet paper keepers, and the working of the flush mechanism. These are basic common-sense requirements that are necessary for every handicap toilet.

A toilet with a comfortable height is occasionally called an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) toilet. Similar dimensions are usable for the best ada compliant toilet, 17 to 19 inches from the floor to seat. The standard toilet height is 15 inches from the bathroom floor to the toilet seat.

ADA Necessities

While designing a bathroom for handicap use, it is vital to take note of ADA standards intended. That makes it easier for people that use wheelchairs to maneuver around the toilet. That requires having an open floor space with at least 48 inches left from the walls on both sides of the bathroom. Also, the toilet place should be at a distance of 18 inches from one of the sides. That helps in making an approaching space on the opposite side of the bathroom. If the toilet is on a side wall, it should essentially be 18 inches from the lavatory. The space requirements are different for different toilets. Still, you will at least need 66 inches from to back of your lavatory to the front-facing wall.

Furthermore, grab bars are a must in an ADA-compliant toilet. You ought to provide them at the backside of the toilet and even on both the walls. They should be placed about 33 to 36 inches above the bathroom floor.

The ADA necessities do not give the exact requirement of the height or distance for toilet paper bearers. It must only be easily reachable. The flush switch must be automatic or usable by a single hand, and the seats that come up mechanically after use are not permitted.

Standard Handicap Toilet

A Standard handicap toilet denotes those handicap toilets that are compliant with ADA. This standard delivers precise recommendations and necessities for making a handicap toilet. That is to make sure that a handicapped person can have easy access to it. The standard comprises an increase in height, position of toilet bars, accessibility of toilet paper containers, and space in the toilet area. It has no restrictions and can be a one-piece or two-piece toilet.

The Height of a Standard Regular Toilet

How Tall Is A Standard Handicap Toilet That Can Be Used Easily

A standard toilet height is about 14 to 16 inches from the floor to the toilet seat. It is the mandatory height for ordinary people. Handicap toilets are a little taller than the standard toilets. Also, there are features in the handicap toilet that are not present in the regular or standard toilets. Individuals with disabilities can use standard toilets but will lack the ease and accessibility in it.

Along with this, how tall is a handicap toilet is an essential factor not found in standard toilets. As per the ADA recommendation, the height of the handicap toilet should be subject to the specific individuals. Thus, how tall is a handicap toilet? This answer is in the details below.

The Tallness of Handicap Toilets for Grownups

What is the highest toilet height? That might be one of the popular questions in your mind. The highest toilet height as per ADA is 19 inches.

On the other hand, the lowest height could be 17 inches, similarly measuring from the floor to the toilet seat. That may not seem very tall as compared to some of the standard toilet heights. Still, the 2 to 3 inches increase may not feel like a huge difference but is adequate to give comfort for individuals with disabilities and even tall people. And is the ideal size for grownups.

The Height of Handicap Toilet for Kids

A child requires comfort in the toilet as much as a fully grown person does. The ADA guidelines suggest that if you are planning to make a toilet for the use of 3 to 4 years old. Then the seat height must not be more than 12 inches from the floor. That depends from age to age. Now, if the toilet is for a child who is 5 to 8 years old, the seat height must be no more than 15 inches. And for the 9 to 12 years old, the suitable tallness should be no more than 18 inches.

Usually, it is difficult to find the best ada compliant toilet for children, since many are for adult use. Yet, you can provide your child with a comfortable use by providing a 2 to 4 inches sitting stool below their feet.

Today everybody is looking for the right height of the toilet for themselves. But the comfort toilet might not be comfortable for all. These toilets help relieve you from long-term knee and back problems that are caused due to uncomfortable toilet seat heights. The home depot handicap toilets work best for both handicap children and adults.

Extra Tall toilet home depots 

The toilets that are taller than 19 inches and are specifically designed for individuals who are 6 feet tall. The extra tall toilets are about 20 to 21 inches in height from the floor to the toilet seat. They are compact and can fit in the ordinary bathroom. These extra tall models are not regularly available in the store and must be pre-ordered.


These toilets have a unique design to give you comfort and easy access with no worry. The Kohler handicap toilet and handicap toilet lowes have trusted and best ADA compliant toilets designed just for you. As mentioned, every person has different needs, so we recommend that you first discover your needs and pick accordingly.