How Does A Hot Tub Work

How Does A Hot Tub Work

How Does A Hot Tub Work

A long and tiring day at work demands a relaxed evening for rejuvenation. The first activity any individual indulges in after busy office hours is a good shower. It helps in revitalizing the entire body and later supports a night of good sleep. But, to make things more interesting, hot tubs are quite in trend in the present era. Its soothing warm water and pressure relieving jet spray make you feel welcome in your own space. Whether you are relaxing alone or have a bunch of friends at your den, spending quality time in a hot tub is a superb idea. Yet, the functioning of the hot tub is quite fascinating, which leaves us wondering at times. 

An interesting question: How does a hot tub work?

Behind the mechanism of a hot tub, electricity is the primary necessity. The major parts like the shell and the cabinet, form the outer structural formation. For water circulation as per the required temperature, the pump, heater, and filters play their part. The jet sprays are the channels through which the pumps release the water out. The controller further regulates its flow. 

Below mentioned aspects will help you understand the hot tub mechanism in detail. 

How long does it take to fill a hot tub?

 Usually, it does not takes more than two hours for a hot tub to fill up. But, a lot of factors depend on it.  

  • The size of the tub 
  • The pressure of the flowing water 
  • The diameter of the hosepipe 
  • Condition of the water pump

Once the hot tub fills up, it takes another three to eight hours to heat up. The required heating time also depends on the climatic conditions. If it’s a chilly winter, the heating will take longer than a typical day in summers. Hence, after filling the hot tub, keep the heater running to get the desired temperature.

How does hot tub plumbing work?

 The necessary process of plumbing includes the collection, transportation, and distribution of water. A hot tub consists of these processes, but it occurs behind the shell. Since it is a closed-loop, the same quantity of water circulates as long as the tub remains on. The complex yet smooth functioning of these processes is not known to many. Let us then discuss these processes by understanding the use of each component. 

  • Shell:

The large vessel that holds the water is the shell of a hot tub. It includes seating arrangements for many users. Jet nozzles installed in it releases the pressurized water.  

  • Cabinet

The outer covering to give the shell the required support is the cabinet. Below the shell are the other utilities like the pump, heater, filters, pipes, etc.  

  • Water Pump

The equipment that helps in increasing the water pressure is the water pump. It is the fundamental reason that enables the water to reach the shell. The operating speed is controllable. Lowering heats up the water, increase in speed releases it through jet sprays.

  • Jet sprays

They are the accessories that release pressurized water. The spraying water gives a massage-like feel to the user. 

  • Spa pack: 

It includes two components- the heater and the controller. The pump first initiates the movement of water. With the help of the controller, you can increase or decrease the speed. The water moves through the filter, heat up between, and then fills the tub. At the same time, the jets start working too. It takes back some water through a narrow constriction. Next, it ejects out with high pressure through the jet sprays. 

  • Pipes

A network of pipes handles transporting the water through all the components. A suction-line operates to continue the filtration of water.

  • Filter

To ensure that you receive clean water to relax, the filter plays its role. Here, a skimmer acts as a strainer to hold back any debris.

The above mentioned are the outline of the essential components. Apart from it, there are many supporting accessories. PVC pipes, hot water lines, knobs, fiberglass, insulating sheet, etc., to name a few.

How Does A Hot Tub Work

How do hot tubs heat water?

As mentioned above, the spa pack is responsible for the heated water. Besides, the heaters have a coil that generates the heat. Every time the water passes through the spa pack, it stays there for a while. The coil-generated heat then plays its role and transports the water. 

Hot tubs running constantly.

If you are a frequent user, hot tubs must run continuously. But ensure to set the automatic mode. It will allow the low speed of operation. In other words, all the mechanisms of pumping, filtering, and releasing will be at a slow pace. Thus, allowing a smooth functioning and longevity of the hot tub. 

How does hot tub plumbing work?

The primary function is possible with the presence of many filters in a hot tub. These filters operate in a closed-loop. None of the water leaves the tub until you plan to refill it with fresh water. The filters and suction pipes clean the debris from the shell. The water from the shell transports through the suction line. The skimmer here strains out unwanted materials and sanitizes them. While passing through the heating coil, the filtered water heats up. It then moves through the hotline. It then releases fresh hot water into the tub. 

Hot tub plumbing explained.

Nozzles of jet sprays suck back heated water from the tub. With the greatest pressure possible, it releases the water. A mechanism like hydraulic pressure works here. The narrow nozzles of pipes increase the speed of the water. Thereby, the pressure decreases, allowing air to push the water through it. The process then continues. 

What should be the hot tub temperature when not in use?

When not in use, keep the tub on if you use it most of the days. Note the temperature of the current time. Set the temperature a few degrees lower. You may increase the temperature hours before you next plan to use it. But using automatic mode is better for maximum energy conservation. Frequent increase or decrease may damage the controller. Further, reheating it at average temperature takes more time. It is thus better to keep it on and lower the temperature until used next. 

But, if you will not be in town for several days or months, it is better to turn it down. Professional help, in this case, is better than who can help you with the process. 

Should I leave my hot tub all the time?

If you are a frequent user, it is advisable to keep it on always. Regular switch off and on consumes more energy. Lowering the temperature to a few degrees will need less time to reheat. 

Hot tubs are in trend in all modern households. Its luxurious feel is an attractive feature that most resorts and hotels offer. Its pressure-relieving ability is a great stress-buster. Next time you come across a hot tub, you will know its basic functioning. Yet, different brands come up with extra features to incorporate into it. The primary procedure remains the same, irrespective of its shape, size, or model.