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Best Toilet Fill Valve Types To Use In 2021

toilet fill value

The life of a toilet valve depends on the quality of the valve, the quality of the water supply to your home, and how many times the flush is used. Getting a valve that lasts longer is dependent on the product you choose. If the valve is continually exposed to water, it will fill up and cause leaking or clogging. Yet, the high side is to replace the toilet fill valve, and you can do this all by yourself without any help. Today, they are fixable in standard toilets without any expert help.

 Along with the valve, you must also replace the flapper assembly for better lasting and performance. Nowadays, many fill valves come in a kit, and all the necessary materials are available in it. So, if you have a toilet that makes noise, we have recommended some of the top valves in this article that have also been the best toilet flush valve types.

When something is wrong with your toilet, it is rarely the toilet itself. However, it’s most likely to be a problem with the flush machine that permits the toilet to throw-out waste. It doesn’t matter if the flush valve is in-built within your toilet tank or fixed on top; these parts are vulnerable to damage and ultimately need replacements after some years.

The more toilets in your home, the more valve replacements are needed. Among our testers, there are pretty few toilets with valves to change. So, rather than picking a valve randomly, this list can help in getting you the best toilet fill valve. We do not want you to waste your precious time and money on unnecessary materials. And we have mentioned some of the best toilet flush valve types which are preferable by buyers.

1. Next by Danco HYR451T HyrdroRight

Next by Danco HYR451T HyrdroRight Universal Water-Saving Toilet Repair Kit with Dual Flush Valve, Lever Handle, White

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The Danco company is one of the leading plumbing and repairing products that have ultimately empowered on the do it yourself factor for their consumers. Their products are stylish and have unique designs built for easy use. This product has a dual flush system that can convert any toilet into a high-power one easily. The product is suitable for 2-inch flush toilets. Further, the product helps in water-conserving with the help of its dual mechanism.

  • Powered by an advanced mechanism

 It has a water-conserving dual flush repair kit that converts standard toilets into dual flush toilets easily. These valves help in reducing the usage of water and flush the exact amount needed. The quick flush technology uses a significantly lesser amount of water to flush liquids and paper. There is also a full flush option given for solid wastes. Also, the mechanism detects if there are any leaks in the system.

  • Supports DIY

The repair kit makes the repair work easy for the buyers. It does not need any external serviceman to come and help you in the process. The kit comes with all the required materials to give you a perfect fit. The complete procedure takes a maximum of ten minutes and does not consume your precious time.

  • The compatibility of the kit

The kit is for toilets that have a 2-inch flush valve and have a 10-inch height from the base of the tank. This kit is not compatible with the Mansfield toilet.


  • Water-saving product
  • It comes in an advanced dual flush technology
  • Very user-friendly and installs in minutes
  • Pocket-friendly product


  • The coating can develop air pockets
  • Lack of quality

2. Fluidmaster 400ARHR

Fluidmaster 400ARHR 09042001931 Fit for HET 1.28 gal, 400AH PerforMAX Universal High Performance Toilet Fill Valve

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It is one of the best toilet fill valve available in the markets. The product fixes noisy and slow filling valves with an advanced no noise filling technology. It has an easy to fit design and a universal fitting for most of the toilets. The height of the fill valve is 10 to 15 inches. And it has an adjustable roller-clamp to control water usage. It is the best replacement for your noisy and inefficiently filling toilet valves.

  • Supports better functioning

The toilet valve has an advanced method of filling the tank without any noise and disturbance. It gives two times faster filling than the standard valve, and so, it is the best fast fill toilet valve. Also, it promotes saving water and does not make excessive and unnecessary use of it. It is a high pressure toilet fill valve that comes with a lot of benefits and assurance.

  • Durability and Capacity

The product comes with a 7-year warranty from the company. It is a quality product that has a good company reputation for its products as well. It includes the dual flush technology and is best for 1.6 gallons 2 to 3-inch flush valve toilets. The product maximizes your commodes functioning performance and gives good results.


  • Water-saving product
  • It comes with the dual mechanism
  • Fill the tank two times faster
  • Very durable and universal fit


  • It might make noise after some years
  • It May not be as fast filling as claimed

3. Fluidmaster 400CR Universal Kit

Fluidmaster 400CR Universal Toilet Fill Flapper Repair Kit for 2-Inch Flush Valves, Easy Install, Multicolor

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The fluidmaster toilet fill valve and repair kits have proven to be the best toilet fill valve. It promises an excellent fit and no worry for the next five years. The product makes you flush as well as new and makes it function smoother and better. Also, the material is usually plastic or rubber-based best suited for flush valves. The best solution to fix a leaking and noisy toilet is the Fluidmaster 400CR Toilet Kit.

  • Supported by proven features

It is a 400A anti-siphon toilet fill valve, which is also a highly durable and good quality product. The products last for a long and come with a 5-year company warranty. It is best for larger tanks that have 3.5-gallon water capacity or more than this. The product comes with a 501 flapper and has a micro ban that prevents breakdown due to foreign particles. Also, the flapper is chlorine-resistant and has a solid frame that does not let it twist.

  • Specifications 

The product is suitable to fit the toilets with a 2-inch flush valve. The kit comes with a 400A Fill valve that makes it one of the best fast fill toilet valve. Also, this product replaces a leaky flapper and a damaged fill valve.

  • Size and fit

The repair kit fits 9” – 14” toilet and comes in packs of 2 and 4. The flapper aligns with the tank drain for giving a consistent and power flush each time. The product is easy to install and can be done with the help of the instructions manual present in it.


  • Very durable
  • User-friendly fit
  • Works best for larger tanks
  • Has one of the best toilet fill valves in the world


  • Flapper might not close well
  • It does not fix all issues


TOTO COMBO KIT - TOTO (1)TSU99A.X Universal Fill Valve & TOTO (1)THU500S (Replaces THU499S) Flapper Assy

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The TOTO combo kit comes with a universal fill valve that fits all types of toilets. They promise high performance and quality, with durable functioning. It comes in great value and gives both the products in one package. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting valve that fits, this could be your best pick.

  • Design and quality

Its holistic design is built for convenience and better functioning. The valve fixes the continuous running of water from your flush tank even when it is not touched. And, the company believes in customer satisfaction as much as design and quality. And so, this universal fill valve is made to suit your need the best. 


  • It is a universal fill valve
  • Highly-durable
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • It lasts for about ten years


  • It might come with wrong sized flappers
  • It does not fit well on 2-inch TOTO models

Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Toilet Tank Repair Kit

Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Toilet Tank Repair Kit, 2 inches, Assorted Colors

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As buyers, we often look for products that are easy to fit and long-lasting. The fluid master toilet tank kit comprises all the necessary materials required for your flush tank to operate just like it is new. It has a 5-year warranty period, which promises hassle-free replacements if the product does not last that long. It is one of the best toilet fill valves for smoother use. Also, it is highly durable and easily fits into any toilet made in the last 30 years.

  • Makes the toilet function as new 

It is a complete package repair kit that works for 1.6 galloon flush toilets. The mechanism makes your toilet function as new and last longer with the supported durability. Also, the kit is universal and fits every design perfectly, and repairs the flush tank effectively. A 400A fill valve that adjusts simply with 9 inches to 14 inches tank.

  • Supports better functioning 

The repair kit efficiently repairs toilets that have leaky flappers, broken toilet handles, and inefficiently fill and flush valve mechanism. It is built to restore and enhance the overall performance of the lavatory.

  • Easy use and fit

The repair kit can be easily fit and does not require a lot of expertise and knowledge. It can is installable by any individual and comprises all the factors needed for a perfect fit. An instruction manual is also included with the product to direct an individual to complete the process successfully.


  • Makes the toilet work as new
  • Has a design to fit all types
  • Fixes leaking and are highly durable
  • Easy to use and fit


  • It might not be a universal kit
  • Bolts can be slightly bigger

Buying consideration 

 The proper and smooth functioning of your toilet depends on the machine inside it. And while looking for issues, you must also consider replacing and fixing these machines on time to avoid problems. There are plenty of factors that to look into before selecting the right fill valve for your toilet. These details need to be taken into consideration to avoid unnecessary exchange and returns. So, for your toilet to work well and smoothly without any noise, you need to select an ideal toilet flush valve. Some people prefer choosing the best toilet fill valve on the list to avoid recurring issues in the future. They allow much smoother and simple functioning of your toilet with no worry for years and years. Some also come with good warranties to assure customers of the quality of their product. To make the task easier, you can consider these points before buying your best toilet fill valve.


 The budget plays a vital role before buying a product. Considering the variations in types, buyers often chose products, which are cheap and affordable. So, before looking for the product, make sure you have a budget set in your mind and look so that you can select easily. By doing this, you will save time and avoid confusion.


The size of your product is essential to avoid disappointments and give you a perfect fit. A wrong size will never fit and work smoothly but will only make it worse. So first, know the kind of product you need, whether it is a larger toilet or a standard one. Then make the selections accordingly to avoid waste of time and unnecessary returns.


 The quality and life of your product are some of the factors you must consider on purchase. Cheaper products might be pocket-friendly but not durable enough. Choose products that come with a warranty so that you can get them replaced without worry if you have any issues in the future.


 The advanced features in making the product promote better use and help in moving ahead with technology. The fill valves come in a variety of features and advancements. They help in making your use better and save water. Also, they have alert systems that give you signals when replacement is needed. In this way, you can get a kit that consists of all features to make your work easy. If you choose a kit with flappers and bolts, it will help in a better fit. Also, some kits have dual flush functioning that helps in water saving.

The issue needs a precise kit so, make sure you get a kit that fits best for your need. For instance, a kit that helps in leak proofing will not solve slow filling valve issues. So, pick your product according to your issue.

Final verdict

 In the above discussion, we see different fill valves but choosing the right one might be difficult. The perfect fit might not be attainable for all the products, but if selected well, you may get your needed product. Any leaking, noise or slow filling of the valve requires immediate replacement to function better and well. The fill valve is responsible for better functioning and hygiene so, keeping a check on them is a must. Also, from time to time, replacements are essential for smooth functioning.